Recording Studios > Studio B

    Audio District Recording Studio - B
    Robeter Productions Audio District prides itself on versatility and creativity. Studio B exhibits this in great success. Treated according to the needs of our post-production projects, this space has the processing power and analogue compliment to accommodate the producer, post editor, engineer, recording artist or any necessity for a production or project. While sharing the vocal booth with Studio A, the limitations are few and inspirations are high in our Studio B room.
    The prime compliment of this room is its ability to record up to 12 microphones from the Live Room. A complete drum kit, live band or choir section could take advantage of the higher ceiling, and spaciously great-sounding room that sits isolated, above Studio B.
    Gear found in this room...
    • Pro-Tools HD 2 Accel System
    • Yamaha 02R digital recording console [with ADAT i/o and soon analog direct outs]
    • Yamaha Self-Powered HS80m Pair
    • Yamaha NS-10m passive reference studio monitors (pending session availability)
    • Apple Mac Pro [Quad Core 3 GHz, 4 GB Ram, 250GB SATA hard drive, shared 200GB Lacie d2 firewire external hard drive]
    • M-Audio Keystation 88 es
    • Avalon Vt 747sp Vacuum Tube equalizer, compressor
    • Avalon Vt 737sp Vacuum Tube mic/ instrument pre-amp, equalizer, compressor
    • Apex HPA4 4-channel headphone amplifier
    • 96 point patch rack [2x 48 point TRS patchbay]
    • Numerous AU/RTAS/VST/TDM plug-ins & instruments (listed below)
    • Samsung 26" LCD Monitor
    • Dell Power Edge 2900 Quad Core (main 10 Tb (tera-bytes)

    Redundant Storage Raid 10 (Network back bone 1gb)

    Should you desire to bring your own gear, our patch-bay system can accommodate your needs. So go ahead and bring your favorite mic-pre or synthesizer and we will integrate and create!

    Plug-Ins & Software
    • Pro-Tools HD 8.0
    • DV Toolkit 1.0
    • Pro-Tools HD Pack 8 plug-ins
    • Final Cut Pro Editing Suite
    • BombFactory essentials pack
    • Reason Adapted for Pro-Tools
    • Apple Logic Pro 7 (& Garageband)
    • Drumagog Pro Version
    • Waves Platinum Bundle
    • Autotune Efx
    • IK Multimedia Amplitube 2
    • Classik Studio Reverb
    • iZotope RX
    • iZotope Trash
    • Ozone 4
    • Sonalksis Bundle
    • PSP Audioware MixPack 2
    • Vintage Warmer 2
    • PSP 42
    • PSP 84
    • PSP 608 MultiDelay
    • PSP EasyVerb
    • PSP Neon
    • PSP Nitro
    • PSP MasterQ
    • Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0

    and more...