Recording Studios > Studio A

    Audio District Recording Studio - A

    Our primary mixing studio is fitted with acoustic and aesthetic treatments to make this room one to inspire creativity and precision all at once. Sharing a vocal-booth with Studio B, this room can work in conjunction with a second producer/engineer combo at one time, should any project require it. Versatility mixed with a streamlined concept makes Studio A the easy decision for your next project at Robeter Productions.

    Gear found in this room...
    • Soundcraft Ghost 64 channel mixing console
    • Mackie HR824 active [THX certified] reference monitors
    • Apple Mac PowerPC G5 Dual Processor dual 2.3 GHz, 4GB DDR RAM
    • [1.25GHz, 2GB DDR RAM, 80GB ATA hard drive, shared 200GB Lacie d2 firewire external hard drive
    • MOTU 24 I/O [96KHz, smpte/ adat/ word sync]
    • Alesis QS7 sampler/keyboard
    • Korg Triton keybaord synthesizer
    • Korg MS-2000R Analog Modelling synthesizer module
    • Korg Prophecy solo keyboard synthesizer
    • Yamaha CS1x control keyboard
    • E-MU Xtreme Lead-1 synthesizer module
    • Alesis MidiVerb III reverb module
    • Lexicon MPX 1effects module
    • Tascam MH-40 multi-headphone amplifier
    • Focusrite ISA220 mic pre-amp, equalizer, compressor
    • TL Audio Ivory 2 5021 dual valve compressor
    • Avalon Vt 747sp Vacuum Tube equalizer, compressor
    • HHB Radius 50 tube mic pre-amp & compressor
    • Dell Power Edge 2900 Quad Core (main 10 Tb (tera-bytes)
      Redundant Storage Raid 10 (Network back bone 1gb)
    Plug-Ins & Software
    • Steinberg Cubase 4
    • Logic Pro 7
    • Reason
    • Ableton Live 7
    • Izotope, pHATmatic Pro,
    • Reverbs, synths, fx, etc.
    • UAD-1 Ultra Pak
    • Waves Platinum
    • PSP Bundle
    • Camel Audio Bundle
    • Korg Legacy bundle
    • Rob Papen Albino, Blue & Predator
    • Absynth
    • Amplitube
    • T-RackS 3 Deluxe
    • Superior Drummer 2.0
    • Geforce Minimonsta
    • IK Multimedia Amplitube 2
    • Classik Studio Reverb
    • iZotope Trash
    • Ozone 3
    • LinPlug Octopus
    • Native Instruments Massive
    • Re FX Nexus
    • Sonalksis Bundle

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