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    Pro-tools - Audio Software Training
    Robeter's Pro Tools course covers everything needed to arrange, record, edit, and mix a song using Digidesign's Pro Tools software. The course focuses on Digital Audio and Pro Tools formats, Interfaces and System Requirements, Versions and Peripherals, Plugins and Architecture, Routing and Recording, Engineering, Mixing, and Live/Mobile Recording. Students will receive a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience, and will become capable of operating a Pro Tools based system in a home studio or professional environment.
    Pro-Tools Course Outline
    What can it do?
    Pro-Tools is a digital audio virtual mixer console, audio editor, sound analyzer, audio interface, and music
    production / sequencing program. Understand the potential of this powerful industry standard system.
    System requirements & interfaces
    Find out how important a decent computer can be in a proper studio with a Pro-Tools system. Get in touch with the interfaces, hardware, control surfaces and add-on gear provided by Digi-design for Pro-Tools systems.
    M, LE & HD
    Pro-Tools has 3 different version with each their own strengths and weaknesses. Know them and conquer them in any Pro-Tools session.
    Up close with the Digi002 Rack
    Understand the possibilities with one of the most common interfaces for the LE system. Hook up gear and interface with the Apple G5.
    Recording & Mixing
    Learn the intricacies and possibilities that Pro-Tools can provide while recording music. Mixing within Pro-Tools provides a mixing ability limited mostly only by the machine on which it runs. Learn the plug-ins and where and when to use them.
    Digital Audio & Formats
    Your will be taught the basics of digital audio versus the analog realm that you will encounter. Various formats that work with Pro-Tools are also a necessary material that you will understand upon completion.
    Plug-ins & added software that can be used with Pro-Tools and other Digidesign hardware to expand the possibilities with the Pro-Tools system will be covered & discussed. Also understand crucial requirements in terms of security such as the PACE iLok USB key.
    Questions & Answers
    A short session of responses to questions that you may have.
    Class 1
    Digital Audio & Pro-Tools Formats
    - aiff, wav, mp3, 44.1khz to 192khz, 16bit to 24bit
    - comparison of formats & their uses, pros/cons
    - digital audio with the 002 and Pro-Tools (all versions)
    - importing, exporting, saving, project structures
    - start Pro-Tools custom systems for students’ needs (see class 8)
    Class 2
    Interfaces & system requirements
    - 002 rack and 002, control surfaces, other possibilities (pro-control, icon, etc)
    - Ideal PC and Apple systems for Pro-Tools
    - Core audio, ASIO, Digidesign drivers, hardware control through software, etc.
    Class 3
    Versions & peripherals
    - versions of Pro-Tools… M, LE, HD ... comparisons, pros/cons
    - respective interfaces & possible interfaces & controllers (hui, command|8, FW1884, etc.)
    - control protocols, controller specs to look for
    - LE up close
    Class 4
    - included plug-ins with Pro-Tools, purchased plug-ins, etc.
    - post & production tools provided by Digidesign
    - Plug-in capacities & concepts (ie: 24bit vs 16bit outputs, dynamic, time-based, etc)
    - Delay & latency concepts
    - Plug-ins by comparison & sample over music
    Class 5
    Student sessions - basics
    - session setup & 002 capabilities during the sessions
    - basic routing i/o
    - Pro-Tools for recording... recording session, apply effects, achieve best results
    - Region editing & session file management, keyboard shortcuts
    Class 6
    Student sessions - Mixing with Pro-Tools
    - Advanced routing i/o and busses
    - Inserts & sends
    - Tracks, panning, stereo, mono, related plug-ins
    - Advanced Region editing & session file management, keyboard shortcuts
    Class 7
    Student sessions - Producing/Engineering in Pro-Tools
    - Synthesis & midi applications
    - Comparison of Pro-Tools midi sequencing versus other more popular sequencers
    - Outboard gear connection & recording
    - Applications with other creative means
    - Using Pro-Tools as an analysis tool
    Class 8
    Final Class
    - Pro-Tools & the mobile engineer/producer
    - Other mobile possibilities
    - Q&A period
    - Custom configure systems to student's needs... finalized
    ***Each class is 2 hours in duration

    $960.00 (GST extra)