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    Music Production and Engineering
    Music Production and Engineering is designed to teach students how to record an entire song, from composition and arrangement to recording, editing, and mixing. The student will create a song as the course progresses which they will be entitled to the rights to, with the possibility of having a release on Robeter Music, distributed internationally.
    Course Outline
    • MIXING
    Classes: (3hrs each)
    This course will teach the student about recording studio gear, production, arrangement and composition
    1. Studio introduction
    • This will be your introduction to the recording studio...we will talk about all the studio gear that is essential in recording music from beginning to end.
    2. Composition
    • This class will talk about the composition of music before the recording process even begins. You
      will also learn about vocal arrangement and lyrics.
    3. Drum programming
    • In this class you become familiar with the various types of drum samples and different
      approaches to programming drums.
    4. Recording
    • Part 1 - In this class you become familiar with recording instruments in a song, editing using
      Cubase SX3, EQing, using effects & compression.
      (3 hours)
    • Part 2   Continued (3 hours)
    5. Arrangement
    • Part 1 = This class will focus on the arrangement of a song using Cubase SX3, different types of arrangements for different genres (3 hours)
    • Part 2 = Continued (3 hours)
    6. Vocals
    • In this class you will learn how to record and edit vocals for a song
    7. Mix-down
    • This class will begin the mix-down process. You will learn about EQ setting, Effects and
      compression when mixing down a song (4.5 hours)
    8. Mix-down
    • This will be the final class and you learn how to complete a mix-down and lay down the master
      mix (4.5 hours)

    The courses will either be one on one at a cost of $1980.00 (Plus GST)
    or 2 students per class at $1320.00 each (Plus GST)
    Price for 2 people =total = $2640 (Plus GST)
    This course is designed for each student to get hands on knowledge of the entire process of creating, producing and engineering the recording of an entire song. The student will be able to credit this song to his name possibly have a release on Robeter Music distributed internationally.