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    - Steve Piper (Director, Coffee Films)

    "Working with Robby and Peter was a genuine pleasure from start to finish, they listened to the brief, worked with my vague and often confusing directions, came up with plenty of ideas, options and advice and ultimately produced a soundtrack that was exactly what I was looking for and that constantly draws praise and admiration from people watching the film. I'm absolutely looking forward to working with them again on a lot more projects and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anybody looking for modern, stylish and creative score composing"

    All ORIGINAL MUSIC by Robeter Productions
    Robby Riggs & Peter Wellington

    Wildcats are little-known, even to the average wildlife enthusiast, and there is much to explain. This is only the second film to be made about the Scottish wildcat and Piper has a lot to say. He says it with a mixture of science and romance which is always effective and often moving, due in large part to the stirring background music.