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    Audio Project Consultation, Management & Planning

    Many artists have the skills necessary to build successful and long-lasting careers, but most are unable to promote their material or gain widespread recognition simply because they lack experience, business knowledge, and industry contacts. Robeter's Audio Project Consultation, Management, and Planning program allows an artist to meet one on one with an experienced music producer, promoter, and solicitor, and spend time analyzing career direction, achievements, and goals. Then solutions, steps, and strategies to achieve these goals will be discussed and implemented, providing the artist with a newfound focus, direction, and clarity. These are skills that can only be obtained from years of experience with both the business and music sides of the industry. To many clients, the Audio Project Consultation, Management and Planning program is like an awakening, and will save far more time and money in the long run than the competitive rates Robeter charges. Contact a Robeter representative for more information.

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